Alfred W. McCoy


Ken Kistler

Dying empires often plunge into costly, disastrous military misadventures. They also tend toward political extremism as the painful loss of dominance demoralizes the citizenry. Sound familiar? Read more


After five years of Dick Cheney's insistence that "enhanced interrogation" saved "thousands of lives," after a multiplex blitz by the Hollywood film Zero Dark Thirty propagating CIA claims that torture led us to Bin Laden, after strident neo-cons... Read more


Ask not for whom the bomb ticks, Mr. and Ms. America. Right now, across Los Angeles, timers on dozens of toxic nerve-gas canisters are set to detonate in just hours and send some two million Americans to their deaths in writhing agony. Oct... Read more

The Myth of the Ticking Time Bomb October 2006 "Major success from limited, surgical torture is a fable, a fiction. . . . As we slide down the slippery slope to torture in general, we should also realize that there is a chasm at the bott... Read more