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Alexandra Tempus is associate editor of The Progressive. She has reported extensively on the ways climate change influences where and how we live at The Progressive, Orion, The Nation, Vice News, Verso books blog and elsewhere. She’s a 2016-2017 Climate and Environmental Justice Literary Fellow for migrant rights organization CultureStrike, and a 2018 Climate Solutions Fellow for the New Economy Coalition’s New Economies Reporting Project. Tempus served as a researcher at Rolling Stone, The Intercept, and BuzzFeed from 2014-2017. She was a lead researcher on Naomi Klein’s 2014 bestseller This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs The Climate. Follow her @tempus_flies.

Just as surely as migrants are inhumanely deterred at our borders, national identity is tyrannically policed inside them. Read more

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Winona LaDuke talks about defeating bad ideas and realizing good ones. Read more



Alexandra Tempus

With Wisconsin central to the 2020 race, the President descended on my hometown. Read more

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Americans cannot separate our most pressing crises—the criminalization of migrants, the policing of communities of color, the escalation of climate change—from our nation’s original sin. Read more



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His father was killed by a white supremacist in a mass shooting at a Wisconsin Sikh temple. Today, Pardeep Kaleka works in communities all over the country teaching about how to heal from hate. Read more


“Esquire” magazine is under fire for putting a straight, white, Trump-supporting Wisconsin teenager on its cover. But that isn’t the real problem. Read more

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San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz has pushed for a transformation of Puerto Rico that returns autonomy to the island's people, a key strategy for responding to climate change. Read more


There are good guys under capitalism. They’re just the ones actively subverting it. Read more


Forty years ago, an epic flood pushed a tiny Wisconsin village to a new place on the map. In the age of climate change, it’s a model for the nation. Read more



350 Tacoma

“We can’t just go through their system as normal, trusting that they’ll take care of us. So we’re walking out.” Read more



Boston Public Library

“Many liberals and progressives who don’t buy the propaganda about climate, or about education, buy the propaganda about the VA.” Read more

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“The women’s prison population is our fastest-growing. Who gets criminalized the most for gender-based violence is women of color.” Read more


Wisconsin farmers, like rural folks across America post-2016 election, are reclaiming their legacy as key players in the country’s progressive movement. Read more


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‘I was most surprised by their reluctance to admit to their politics.’ Read more


“I wanted to write a basic book because most Americans know so little about Iran.” Read more


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Rick Reinhard

“Resistance: Reclaiming an American Tradition” chronicles the legacy of rebellion. Read more


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Joeff Davis

“Unfortunately, it’s not at all unexpected that police side with white supremacists.” Read more

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On the anniversary of the crisis, the state of Michigan says Flint’s water quality is restored. But activist Luster says that “as soon as clean water touches our infrastructure, it’s poison.” Read more




Fifteen years after her death, those carrying on Corrie’s work supporting the Palestinian struggle discuss the latest surge of violence in Gaza and what to do about it. Read more