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Bolstered by powerful private interests, state governments are dangerously close to calling a Constitutional Convention. Read more

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I have been going to ALEC conferences for years—to see for myself how this rightwing group crafts model legislation to advance the interests of its corporate and ideological funders. Read more

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In the name of free speech, ALEC and Wisconsin are leading national efforts to shut down free speech for most people. Read more

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Don’t look now, but there’s something creepy coming toward you, and it wants to take over your public school system. Read more

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The federal government has spent more than $3.3 billion over the past two decades creating and fueling the charter school industry, according to a new financial analysis and reporters' guide by the Center for Media and Democracy (CMD). Read more

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Preregistration is now open for Fighting Bob Fest 2015! Read more

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Certainly, Walker has tapped into a powerful current of resentment among strapped, non-union workers. He was re-elected on a promise to make teachers pay more for health care and pension benefits, and on an appeal to private sector workers ... Read more


The Center for Media and Democracy/Progressive Inc. (CMD) has joined more than 50 watchdog, advocacy, and labor groups in sending a letter to Google asking it to cut its ties to the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). Google has not res... Read more


Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett is facing a tough battle for reelection this fall. He ran as a moderate in 2010, but ever since he took office, he's moved sharply to the right. Read more


-- by Jonas Persson, Center for Media and Democracy When Governor Jerry Brown signs Assembly Bill 1522, California will join a growing number of states where temporary or part-time employees no longer have to face the excruciating dilemma: go ... Read more


There's been a flood of local news stories in recent months about FBI raids on charter schools all over the country. Read more

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At the recent ALEC convention, the ties between the group and the anti-choice movement were there for all to see. Read more

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Edelman, the world's largest PR company, synonymous with astroturf-style front groups and dirty tricks, has announced that it will no longer work for groups that deny climate change. Read more


As the EPA finally attempts to limit carbon dioxide pollution from coal plants, it is meeting resistance at the state level, thanks to a secretive campaign by ALEC. Read more

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Wisconsin Representative Chris Taylor shares more insights from the ALEC conference in Dallas, Texas. Read more

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I’m at my third American Exchange Legislative Council (ALEC) conference, this time in Dallas, and on my first day, there were some things I had come to expect... Read more

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ALEC holds its 41st annual meeting in Dallas, Texas starting on Wednesday, July 30, 2014. Read more

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Generation Opportunity (Gen Opp), a "nonpartisan" youth group funded by the Koch brothers "Freedom Partners" conduit, is backing one of the Koch's favorite politicians and thanking him for his support for a Koch-approved ALEC model bill. Read more

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Hawai'i has become "ground zero" in the controversy over genetically modified (GMO) crops and pesticides. With the seed crop industry (including conventional as well as GMO crops) reaping $146.3 million a year in sales resulting from its activiti... Read more