Laura Kneedler

The American Medical Association, along with Planned Parenthood has just sued the Trump Administration for its ‘gag rule,’ on funding for abortion providers. Here's why the AMA says the rule, if implemented, “will be a national public health crisis.” Read more



Office of Senator Ted Cruz

It hasn’t taken Kavanaugh long to show his true colors. The big reveal came on February 7, when he voted against a “stay” that will keep a draconian Louisiana abortion law from taking effect. Read more



Erin Sheridan

The controversial counter-protests of New York City for Abortion Rights reveal a division in the pro-choice fight. Read more

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The case took aim at deceptive advertising that undermines and confuses women about their treatment options. Read more


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James Jeffrey

The Catholic Church in Texas recently called out one of the state’s best known pro-life organizations for its strategies. How much should the church get embroiled in state politics? Read more


On the fortieth anniversary of Roe v. Wade, hundreds of us who had tickets in hand to see the premiere of After Tiller at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, were wanded and searched by police before entering the theater. Read more


Before he became famous for his budget plan, Paul Ryan began his political career as a creature of Wisconsin's pro-life movement. When he first ran for Congress from Janesville, Wisconsin, in 19... Read more


Milwaukee is the latest target of a billboard campaign paid for by groups who claim to be pro-baby, but are truly against the rights of black women and families. Read more