Abby Scher

Abby Scher is a sociologist and journalist who writes frequently about women’s issues and economic justice. 

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Laura Franco

The Trump team wants to make it easier for health providers to refuse care because of their religious beliefs. Read more


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While it is doubtful any of these women can match Bachmann’s sheer nuttiness, they all share her anti-abortion, climate-change denying, rightwing economic vision—and the habit of smiling when they dish it out. Image credit: AP Images Read more

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Abby Scher on the race to elect Maine's next Governor Read more

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Illustration by Joy Kolitsky Hillary Clinton suffered from an “enthusiasm gap” in 2008 that cost her the election when Barack Obama captured the enthusiasm of young people and people of color. But 2016 will be different if Mitch Stewart, a ... Read more


IT CAME AS A SURPRISE TO many when the Arkansas legislature in March enacted a near-ban on abortion starting in the twelfth week of pregnancy. But this was just the latest in a slew of well-planned attacks on abortion rights that the anti-choice ... Read more