Speaking in Tongues Just Part of the Fun at Scott Walker's Church



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Whoa, this article is waaaay

Whoa, this article is waaaay off. I attend this church and almost everything stated in this article is either untrue, inaccurate, or mis-stated. I encourage people to listen to others' opinions and try to see things from multiple perspectives, but it is wrong to mislead readers by disguising your opinion and bias as fact (which is done many, many times in this article). As a reader, make sure you think for yourself, put prejudice and bias aside so you can see the facts (or lack thereof), and definitely don't believe everything you read. Thank you for reading my comment :-)

Hildie more than 1 year ago

We've been visiting

We've been visiting Meadowbrook for months now... no tongues spoken here, or we would be long gone - and I see many women in leadership roles and cannot find mention of them as "weaker" on the website.

Jesse more than 1 year ago

Looks like you have your

Looks like you have your facts wrong about Meadowbrook. the Meadowbrook in Green Bay is the one that stresses speakng in tongues not the one in Milwaukee.

K Hauser more than 1 year ago

I have no idea what Governor

I have no idea what Governor Walker believes in his heart nor do I care, but when I lived in the south I had my fill of small "c" christian hate. These self proclaimed believers feel confident judging anyone, often cruelly and without regard to consequences. They are unChristlike and wretched human beings who describe their unrelenting anger as righteous. My mother, God bless her, describes the Bible as being like the Force in "Star Wars", something that can be used for good or evil. If, as the old song says, they will know we are Christians by our love Scott Walker may be perilously close to the dark side.

Peggy Lynn Spors Zahrte more than 2 years ago

I attend this church, and I

I attend this church, and I would like to clarify some stuff.

It would be really nice if this reporter had attended this church or at least cited a more recent source when writing this piece.The only source that was quoted in here was from 1988 (27 years ago). In any venue, 27-year-old evidence would never stand, because it is simply outdated!

In addition, that whole thing about speaking in tongues was completely made up! Once again, no sources were cited. In all of my years attending this church, I seem to have missed every single Sunday service in which they actually speak in tongues.

But I will back up my claims by saying this: If you want to really see who is right on this issue, maybe you should stop by yourself. I wish this writer had.

W. Earp more than 2 years ago

Jud, why all the mockery and

Jud, why all the mockery and hate?

Keith more than 2 years ago

Jud, your article has a few

Jud, your article has a few holes in it to support the facts of this religion. You should do more research to come up with a more recent and unbiased article about the church profile. Really! 1988 is the most recent you can do. But you write what fits your lefty narrative.

Just the Facts more than 2 years ago

Uber conservative Pentecostal

Uber conservative Pentecostal? Obviously the writer has done zero research on meadowbrook. I challenge any of you who buy into this "journalism" to come to a worship service. Sundays at 9 and 10:30. Come and judge for yourself the integrity and validity of the article.

David Adam more than 2 years ago

You may not want to "educate"

You may not want to "educate" others about speaking in tongues when you don't know what it is yourself. You can learn what it is by reading the Bible.

CD more than 2 years ago

there are several problems

there are several problems with this article. I go to meadow brook church and I have never even heard of anyone in our church speaking in tongues. Our website does not identify women as weaker especially considering it was partly designed by a woman and that same woman is a director of children's ministries. I can also guarantee that we are not the only church to say that you must be born again or that christ's return is imminent. Jesus says those things. Lastly "Funnily" is not a word.

Matthew S. more than 2 years ago

Way to go, Progressive! Smear

Way to go, Progressive! Smear a very large segment of Christianity, with millions of adherents in the US, as well as millions more world-wide. In fact, the largest growing segment of Christianity in the world. Sounds very tolerant...and judgmental. Pot, meet kettle.

Chris more than 2 years ago

Too bad this author is just a

Too bad this author is just a fanciful writer and not a journalist. The one sided agenda writing is good for fanning the flames at the base, but does little to nothing else. Really, to whom is this aticle written for? In the interest of the readership, how about a disclosure of the authors religious beliefs, customs, traditions, and facilities attended? I am not at all convinced to give credibility to this article.

Mr more than 2 years ago

The fact that you have to

The fact that you have to reach all the way back to an article from 1988 to try to demonize this church (when Walker obviously wasn't attending) is really pathetic. Also, Meadowbrook church does not practice speaking in tongues the way you describe. You are factually incorrect.

Cyrillian more than 2 years ago

Interesting that this article

Interesting that this article draws conclusions based on a 27-year-old article in the Milwaukee Journal. Is this what we now accept as journalism?

Debbie more than 2 years ago



You seem to be uninformed on the subject of speaking in tongues, which makes it rather odd that you would explain it to those who are unfamiliar with it.

"They also speak in tongues." I'm pretty sure you could attend any of the "Brook" churches and not hear anyone speak in tongues
"If you're not familiar with speaking in tongues, it’s when God supposedly speaks through a person." Actually, when people speak in tongues, they believe they are speaking to God. (1Corinthians.14:2)
"But God apparently doesn't speak any of the human languages, so it all comes out as gibberish." No, it comes out as language - sometimes known and sometimes unknown (1Corinthians 13:1) (Acts 2:8)
"Luckily, if a trained man of God is nearby, he can translate it all for you." That is incorrect. Interpretation can be a supernatural gift, or somebody who naturally understands the language. Either way, the person doesn't have to be a man and doesn't have to be trained. Doesn't even have to be a believer.

If you want to poke fun at what somebody believes, at least get what they believe close to right.

Steve more than 2 years ago

It is unbelievable that you

It is unbelievable that you would write an article like this without even knowing who President Obama's top spiritual advisor has been for the last few years. His name is Joshua DuBois a former Pentacostal minister. Pentacostals speak in tongues. So why isn't Obama some religious extremist as you seem to infer about Scott Walker.

Joshua Dubois' website is http://www.joshuadubois.com/about/. You can verify this there. Also, you obviously know almost nothing about Elmbrook or any of the other Brook churches.

John more than 2 years ago

First off Walker does not

First off Walker does not represent Meadowbrook. Not a fan of him. I don't think Meadowbrook should be slandered like this. Its Walker that's being looked at.

Anonymous more than 2 years ago

Walker is a Baptist.

Walker is a Baptist. Therefore, he does not share the Pentecostal doctrine of speaking in tongues. I assume you are unfamiliar with the completely different understanding of "tongues" in those two denominations, but you should probably re-read the pastor's statement and correct the record. Unless your goal was simply to otherize Walker instead of educate your readers.

ExJon more than 2 years ago

The hypocrisy of this piece

The hypocrisy of this piece goes all the way to 11.

Me_10 more than 2 years ago

These are hardly damning

These are hardly damning facts. In fact I now have more respect for the man on the basis of his beliefs. And whether you agree or not, speaking in tongues is a biblical experience. Undeniably. MacArthur is simply wrong. Good stuff.

Cole more than 2 years ago

Walker suggested that?

Walker suggested that?

classiclib more than 2 years ago

Walker did not suggest Obama

Walker did not suggest Obama isn't Christian. The Muslim versus Christian question arose in 2007 and came from the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign. All pastors will tell you that no one can judge the heart of another; in other words, no one can judge whether someone is a Christian or not. AND--any church that relies on Biblical truths doesn't accept women as pastors or ministers; women have other gifts within the church--teaching, not preaching. The Catholic church also believes this--not just Protestants. Only those Protestant churches that have evolved away from Biblical teachings--among them mainline Protestants--ordain women. Scott Walker, no doubt, left his Baptist church because a woman had become the minister, not because of anti-war sentiments. It would help immensely if Progressives actually knew anything about the church.

LuAnn more than 2 years ago

Remember when Jud was critcal

Remember when Jud was critcal in an article of Obama because his pastor shouted "not God Bless America, God Damn America"?
Yah, I dont remember that either.

Danny more than 2 years ago

"...President Obama's

"...President Obama's mainstream brand of Christianity..." Did the author bother to examine the teachings of Obama's pastor, Rev. Wright? If that is mainstream Christianity, we're clearly not on the same page at all.

Dale Free more than 2 years ago

You have very little

You have very little understanding of what you are saying about religion. And what knowledge you have you are mis-characterizing. I disagree with Scott Walker in many theological areas, apparently including tongues, but that is not at all what they believe tongues are. If someone is going to bother to call themselves a Christian they also believe their is a higher power who properly has the authority to make rules of worship and for getting into heaven. That someone who is a Christian might try to decide if they or someone else is a Christian is hardly surprising. And then you attack him for deciding not to answer the question about whether the president is a Christian. Clearly you would have attacked him either way. This is a ridiculous article.

Marty Winn more than 2 years ago

BTW, Marty, the author of

BTW, Marty, the author of this article has no idea as to Scott Walker's theology. I have been a member of Meadowbrook Church for 20 years. We are not a Pentacostal or charismatic church. We are an evangelical, non-denominational church. I know that there are charismatic members, but we are a big umbrella church, so we have non-charismatics and everything in-between. We choose to major on the majors and minor on the minors. I have been a member since before Scott Walker joined our church. I don't know Scott well enough to tell you if he's charismatic, but since his father is a retired Baptist pastor, I highly doubt it.

Marvin more than 2 years ago

Oh great, Walker and ISIS

Oh great, Walker and ISIS have the same core theology - it is End Times. If you aren't with us you aren't a member of our religion at all, a vicious disregard for the welfare of others who are not of the same ethnic group, in fact a righteous willingness to stick it to them as soon they will be firey fish bait in the burning lake, an overwhelming sense of self righteousness and self entitlement, a conviction whatever they do is right because they are the very definition of right being God the merciless destroyers favorites, things come to a close with them on top and everyone else literally on bottom in hell, and a large tendency to speak gibberish.

How could they ever have such unnecessary traits like empathy, compassion, respect for other, or tolerance and love. Their Jesus (or Mohamad as the case may be) carries a sword and burns all who would question this wonderful order in the universe. The universe itself reeks, is actually sort of a big mistake, a 6,000 year old universe built as a kind of prototype for a very short time and now about to be destroyed in sheer joy (don't buy any of those Liberal rainbow lies about God would not do that again, that's why they head straight into the lake of burning fire). No global climate disruption, no pollution, no need for any7 responsibility just be "reborn" into embracing the destruction with extreme prejudice of the universe itself. Embrace, believe without question, or die a hideous death into ever lasting torture and torment, thus they say in the name of their God of End Times devastation. It's enough to make them rapturous in Mosul and Brookdale. Fundamentalists will be fundamentalists, regardless of the cover story of a particular mythology. The modern world is at war with the same Radical Religion by multiple names. Only the Republicans could pick such a person to be President to bring on the final prophesy.

SixSixSix more than 2 years ago

"For the far-right religious

"For the far-right religious community, identifying real Christians is no easy task."

No. It's actually depressingly easy. As an outsider, the one in question "isn't like us".

WAAAY too easy to demonize 'the other.'


ToosmarttovoteGOP more than 2 years ago

Another good Progressive

Another good Progressive piece below, with audio link to his speech. Please expose this delusional man.
When he had first met his wife, he said, "That night I heard Christ tell me, 'This is the person you're going to be with.' "


Aunt Bee more than 2 years ago

These comments on Walker are

These comments on Walker are absolutely ludicrous! Someone has worked overtime in the condescendsion department.

Maddypenny2 more than 2 years ago

Hilarious -- If Walker can

Hilarious -- If Walker can suggest Obama isn't Christian, I'm glad someone turned the lens on him! Jack ass

Heather more than 2 years ago

Our rights come from God and

Our rights come from God and our country was formed on that. Gov. Walker has the right to worship were he wants just as you Heather have the right not to attend church. From Obama's words I see him as not very informed on Religion in general.

Marge more than 2 years ago

Walker didn't say Obama wasn

Walker didn't say Obama wasn't a Christian. He said he didn't know. But you go ahead and put words in his mouth.

Rick more than 2 years ago

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