5 Things You Can Do to Combat Climate Change



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the mitigating of individual

the mitigating of individual lifestyle choices as a root cause for climate change is farfetched, i dare say, false. one pot cooking with steamers, a climate change cookbook; no car, demand public transport, use existing ones and read if takes longer; one hot shower a week and wash like a cat the rest of the days; avoid malls and franchise food industry outlets; reduce space per capita, max 300sqft/person, don't overheat, wear sweaters and cap and warm socks at home in cold climates. basically, do what most asians do and have done until consumer culture began to destroy their natural way of life and turn china into a climate killer. you're plan to unionize individuals and place the onus of change up the social ladder to universities and so on is a shun, not sincere and very very disappointing. your denial almost matches the general denier that some perpetual energy machine will allow consumerism to flourish and waste continue. it is not only implied, in fact, your article states this up front! bash! get it right. park the car. avoid the mall. learn to climate change cook, one hot shower a week, wear sweaters at home… it adds up to a radical lifestyle change and all the jobs and innovation that a new tabula rasa or reset on our relation to the earth will encourage, spawn.

datatect more than 1 year ago

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