What Will Congress do to Address Gun Violence? Pray.



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What Will The Left do to Address Islamist Violence? Change The Subject.

an observer 313 days ago

How about a real second

How about a real second amendment solution-to wit-you have to be a member of a "well regulated militia"if you want to have a gun
This is a prime example of the collusion between both political establishments to eviscerate the Constitution,along with warrantless searches(NSA-FBI-and local police sucking up our private data electronically)-the intrusion of religion into our commons(the christian right truth along with the Taliban-Al Qaeda-and ISIL who think they have the ultimate word of god and everybody else better get on board just like any other fanatic)-putting money as the free speech standard and corralling,arresting and jailing non-violent protesters while letting the violent ones act with impunity(see San Diego recently and the actions of Cleveland for the convention)-militarizing the police(who's the enemy-US). If we want to be a free people we better start acting like we mean it-That is NOT voting for candidates who are part and parcel of this move to oligarchy and destruction of our Constitution and our commons.

rick straw 314 days ago

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