We Are Not at War!



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In WW2 the US and its Allies

In WW2 the US and its Allies fought against Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan and found a way to kill our way to victory. The US leveled the vast majority of cities in Germany and Japan and destroyed their armies and navies until they were beaten into unconditional surrender. The US has become extremely concerned with infliction of civilian casualties and has greatly limited the use of force in combat situations. Say what you will about the US Drone warfare campaigns they have killed remarkably less people than a single US attack on any Axis city during WW2. It may be hard to admit it in the PC world we live in, but as we say in Texas some men just need killing. As unenlightened as that sounds, one cannot convince a violent zealot to live peaceably, short of killing him or her.

Kevin Frei more than 1 year ago

The US has not declared war,

The US has not declared war, in fact the US has not declared war since WW2, but that does not mean that ISIS and non-state Islamist terrorist organizations are not at war with the US, modernity and secularism. Islamist terrorists have made it clear that they have global ambitions and ISIS alone currently rules over millions in the Middle East.
Can there be a war if one side refuses to acknowledge the state of belligerency of another de facto state actor? While it might seem to be a philosophical debate, in fact people die on a regular basis because of Islamist terror.
Sadly, the fact the the Obama Administration and many on the left side the US political spectrum (have any of you checked in with the Socialist Party of France??) refuse to act on that knowledge means that those forces will have free reign to oppress and attack people around the world.
Honestly as a man of the right, I am very sad to note that the American left is allowing the most rank and terrible forms of religious reactionaries to slaughter without at least raising their voices to condemn these outrages.

Kevin Frei more than 1 year ago

Just because you refuse to

Just because you refuse to fight doesn't mean the struggle isn't real. Extremist political Islam is a threat to the Western foundations of modern society. Extremist political Islam is against personal liberty of all kinds. I find it hypocritical for anyone who calls themselves a liberal or progressive to deny this. Your thinking is putting our society at risk.

Concerned Citizen more than 1 year ago

It's obvious that the war

It's obvious that the war you speak of is on guns. However in this article the message is thinly veiled but why?
Here's why.
1. Gun Production has doubled under Obama.
2. 100 million guns sold in the U.S. since Obama.
3. After San Bernardino attack gun sales have increased more.

Every time you bombard the airwaves with anti Gun speech against NRA, more moderate Americans become new gun owners.

Here's a suggestion do us all a favor and focus on the war against ISIS Please.

Mark more than 1 year ago

The complicity of the Press

The complicity of the Press in advancing these lies and fear-mongering is a glaring consequence of the loss of factual reporting and investigative journalism. The media Corporations are eating our Democracy and it will diminish greatly.

Kevin M. Stellman more than 1 year ago

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