Surrealism in Wisconsin: Trump Woos the Black Vote



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America's failing inner

America's failing inner-cities have been controlled for the last 50 years by Democrats. If things are that "good" why do we have #Blacklivesmatter?

Trump has asked for blacks’ support – “I am asking for the vote of every African-American citizen struggling in our country today who wants a different future” – and they responded. The result marked nothing short of a political earthquake representing more than a million potential voters suddenly swinging in Trump’s direction. That’s huge. The "do-nothing" Democrats are now scared.

But, no matter what Donald Trump says or how the Democrats interpret it asserting "everything is good in black America" is dishonest.

Todd Elliott Koger 250 days ago

Trump is precisely the

Trump is precisely the candidate we need . He is a man of action . With Trump at the helm, our country will be able to capitalize on all our strengths. Trump is a friend of the working man and woman and will engage on the economy in a way no previous politician has. I can actually see a direct benefit to Milwaukee if Trump is elected.

MU FAN IN NY 252 days ago

Why would I hire someone who

Why would I hire someone who is anti-government to actually run that government?

The man is dumb as a box of rocks when it comes to anything other than his self promotion.

Trump will not be good for anyone you or I know.

Lawrence 243 days ago

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