Sanders' Success: Democratic Socialism Goes Mainstream



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Vote Trump! That's right. If

Vote Trump! That's right.
If Sanders' followers vote for hillary, all they will be doing is perpetuating the corrupt system. However, if the Democratic party bosses see many Sanders' followers voting for Trump, they have to evolve, or die!!!

vivalamigra 316 days ago

It's not over yet...

It's not over yet...
Despite much media to the contrary, HRC does not have enough pledged delegates to win the nomination and super-delegate votes can change until the convention! She is the *likely* nominee, but not yet the nominee.

(And I'm still pulling for a Bernie miracle.)

AJ Burdick 320 days ago

"Hillary Clinton’s capture of

"Hillary Clinton’s capture of the Democratic presidential nomination—an historic milestone for women"..,
I am used to listen /read this inter Corporate Media.
I'm surprised to read this here in a progressive magazine.
Why you ignore Jill Stein, extraordinary woman ?

Ricardo Ibanez 320 days ago

I would like to remind you

I would like to remind you that she doesn't have the nomination yet. The super delegates don't vote until the convention. Also, just because the American public wants something doesn't mean the politicians give a damn. 90% were against the financial bailout; it didn't matter. The majority want money out of politics, a reinstatement of Glass-Steagall, single-payer health care, an end to the endless war on terror and the failed war on drugs, etc. And since establishment Dems have yet to listen to progressives, I doubt they will listen now. I will bet you that if Hillary becomes president, she will continue the policies of both Bush and Obama.

sharonsj 320 days ago

Obviously, it is time to

Obviously, it is time to ditch the two party system. Time to bring in proportional representation and, with Sanders' inspiration, form a social democratic party. "Socialism" is NOT a dirty word, there is nothing wrong with a democratic socialist system. Look at Europe.

Vera Gottlieb 320 days ago

Obviously, it is time to

Obviously, it is time to ditch the two party system. Time to bring in proportional representation and, with Sanders' inspiration, form a social democratic party. "Socialism" is NOT a dirty word, there is nothing wrong with a democratic socialist system. Look at Europe.

Vera Gottlieb 320 days ago

Hillary, 4 years and no more!

Hillary, 4 years and no more!
You do not deserve it for sure! But you ride on the wave of ignorance!
We will cull you and the republicans as well, your bretheran!

White Illegal Alien 320 days ago

She "captured" nothing. She

She "captured" nothing. She does not have the requisite number of pledged delegates to claim the nomination. That is fact. The media, the Clinton campaign and the DNC may be rushing to "declare" Hillary the nominee. But it is misleading and flat-out wrong to concede that assertion when it is not true.

Benna Crawford 320 days ago

I don't call Senator Sander's

I don't call Senator Sander's ideology socialism, I call it social justice!

Archie1954 320 days ago

The troglodyte ideology of

The troglodyte ideology of the GOP is in fact "the elephant in the room" blocking the door to democratic socialism.

Pat Small 321 days ago

Shillary is nothing but

Shillary is nothing but another establishment candidate that is bought and paid for by the 1% ruling class, Wall St. and big money “special interest” groups destroying this country.
The Clintons and Their Banker Friends: The Wall Street Connection (1992 to 2016)
No matter what spin is used for campaigning purposes, the idea that a critical distance can be maintained between the White House and Wall Street is naïve. Hillary's path aligns with that of the country's most powerful bankers. If she becomes president, that will remain the case.
Hillary Clinton: The Neocon in Democrat's Clothing
The next US president will almost certainly be a Republican. No, not the buffoon named Donald Trump who stands no chance of shaking the hands of world leaders. Chances are, the next Republican president will be a woman, and yes, her name will be Hillary Clinton.
Read the Article
Hillary Clinton's Business of Corporate Shilling and War-Making
This video chronicles the Clintons' rise to power in the 1990s on a right-wing agenda; the Clinton Foundation's revolving door with Gulf state monarchies, corporations and the world's biggest financial institutions; and the establishment of the hyper-aggressive "Hillary Doctrine" while she was US secretary of state.
Hillary's Dance: The Two-Faced, Hypocritical 12-Step
Sanders has not taken one dime from, and is not beholden to, the likes of Trump’s billionaire ruling class, Wall St. or destructive big money “special interests” ruining this country thanks to the 5 GOP justices on the SCOTUS voting unanimously for the government corrupting, democracy undermining, America destroying, Citizens United ruling; which has handed our democracy, our government & our country over to the 1%.

Tony Wolf 321 days ago

I think we need to succeed

I think we need to succeed from the Democratic Party, which does not represent our progressive values. We need to either join the Green Party or form a Social Democratic Party this year. We have the numbers, with 56% of Democrats and a populist coup making Trump the Republican candidate, even though lots of Republicans are afraid of a Trump presidency. These populists won't vote for Clinton, but we're interested in Sanders. We can't just give away our power and let the Democratic Party become the new right wing, with no left alternative. To borrow from Kucinich, "this is the moment!" Why should Sanders supporters concede defeat and quit now? We've only just begun.

Judith Schader 321 days ago

A historic moment in history:

A historic moment in history: where delegates choose the nominee, voter suppression in every state I am embarrassed for my gender! I am turning in my ovaries.

Littlefaith 321 days ago

This is called branding,

This is called branding, which is used in marketing their political party. What they do after they get what they want, elected, is anyone's guess. But I'd guess that the lobbyists running the convention will be pleased and you will not.

Dam Spahn 321 days ago

America is NOW a Democratic

America is NOW a Democratic Socialist society. It's just that most Americans haven't realized that Interstates, Police & Fire Depts , Military, Sewage, Electrical are are only the tip of our Democratic Socialism. A major controversy around Universal Healthcare is so rabid because Health Insurance companies are enjoying massive billion dollar profits at the expense of patients that are denied procedures and CARE to create those profits. So to protect their cash flow they have turned Socialism into a dirty word. "Profit" at the cost of people's lives will become the dirty word soon. Already many are seeing Koch money fighting Colorado's health care ammendment as nothing more than a vicious money grab by the 1%.
Revolution is coming, like it or not. Over the millenia the greedy have not learned from History. Soon History will teach them an old lesson!

Don Martin 321 days ago

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