Right to Work Passes Wisconsin Assembly



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Thank you for this. I

Thank you for this. I enjoyed reading them. I did watch a few hours of the hearing and I thought the assembly democrats did an amazing and valiant job. Thank you to them. I have been so sad, angry and disheartened for the past 4 years and often wondering what I could do. Tonight I signed up for monthly donations to a couple of progressive groups; Center for Media and Democracy and Citizens Action of WI. I don't have a lot of money and I know it's not going to solve everything but it makes me feel a little bit better that I am doing somthing. We need to rise up and get stronger even though we've taken a whipping for 4 years. This repub crap has to stop but it is going to take energy and work and financial support of groups that do the investigative journalism and activism. We also need to inform voters and get them to the polls! They screw us and we multiply. Challenge to anyone out there to sign up for a progressive cause or donate to something progressive!

carol more than 2 years ago

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