How Rahm Emanuel Is Failing Chicago



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Rose lim 342 days ago

You liberals, if you could

You liberals, if you could only do basic math.

Chris 347 days ago

Rahm is implementing his

Rahm is implementing his Freddie Mac strategy of bundling loads of bad debt into bonds to prop Chicago up, promising high yields, all the while his investor compadres make a killing on commissions selling these crap bonds. But then, when the gig is up and the bonds slip to junk status, he'll increase property tax revenues to cover these investors returns. I bet he's even got some skin in the short game on these bonds-- betting against the city he's running. It's a win-win for him, not so much for the tax paying citizen. Just review how Clinton/Emanuel engineered the housing bubble.

Packo more than 1 year ago

I very much appreciate folks

I very much appreciate folks I know reading The Progressive. Glad to be a part of the community.

Ronald Litke more than 1 year ago

Hi Ron. Great article.

Hi Ron. Great article. Strong insights in a wrap of wonderful writing. You were always the most literate of Philip's friends. Also loved the Bellow reference.

Steve Graubart more than 1 year ago

Thanks for the comments,

Thanks for the comments, which are appreciated. To Mr. Parker I say hello and glad to find you in The Progressive space. It's important to realize that the downgrades to all of Chicago's municipal bonds are in Emanuel's portfolio, and that Daley, who of course endorsed Emanuel, plunged him into the situation, which is why Daley resigned when he did. For his part Emanuel tried risky derivatives trades that didn't work and his financial people are scrambling to stabilize the city's overall finances with even more borrowing just for operations -- following an unprecedented property tax hike -- and will pay considerable penalties to do so.

Mr. Roth is part of the growing chorus of folks who would like to see Emanuel resign. But an ego such as his only seems to grow. We can remember when Emanuel was Obama's first chief of staff and said, "You shouldn't let a crisis go to waste," meaning to be bold in reform. But it seems Chicago still ain't ready for reform from the corporatist mindset. Emanuel is a brilliant fundraiser; many of us wish he would take up some good causes and get them the resources they need instead of strangling them as mayor of Chicago.

Ronald Litke more than 1 year ago

Rahm definitely should resign

Rahm definitely should resign before he gets indicted for obstruction of justice in the Laquan McDonald shooting by a Chicago policeman. The 1% mayor has been totally ineffective in every department of city government especially in his disastrous governance of the schools. Not to mention his inability to curb the extreme violence in "Chiraq". Did I mention his total arrogance & closing of many schools mainly in African-American neighborhoods?

Richard Roth more than 1 year ago

Gee, Ron, I guess you think

Gee, Ron, I guess you think Rahm is a failure. Please consider that Rahm might be like the little Dutch boy who put his finger in a leaking dike. Rahm has managed the "leaks in the dike" that expanded during the "twenty-two years of Mayor Richard M. Daley’s misappropriations of Chicago’s finances." The Dutch boy stayed at the dike all night despite the cold, and like the Dutch boy, Rahm is continuing to manage the City's problems despite being criticized as a failure. In the morning, the adults saved the Dutch boy's town, but who will save Chicago? Perhaps someone with some business sense and who is wealthy so he (or she) does not need to take political contributions could save Chicago (e.g. Michael Bloomberg). P.S. thanks for the article and the opportunity to say "hello" after all these years.

Paul Parker more than 1 year ago

Rahm is failing Chicago

Rahm is failing Chicago because he adheres to the liberal notion that the protesters have a right to disrupt Trump rallies which have acquired legal permits to gather. Rahm's liberal policing ideas have the police suggesting to Trump to disband because Rahm's liberal stance doesn't want to incarcerate the protesters who have taken it to the lawless level. Rahm's liberal agenda is to allow disruptions of anything that is Republican, while saying the protesters have their rights, but he forgets that by having the Police "suggest" to Trump that Trump should leave, he has taken away Trump's rally rights to gather safely. Chicago always seems to favor the lawless when push comes to shove. Note to Chicago: Arrest the rioting lawbreaking protesters and let an American Presidential campaign continue.

truthbetold more than 1 year ago

To suggest that Rahm is a

To suggest that Rahm is a liberal indicates you don't know what you're talking about. Giving to the rich and taking from the poor is a pure conservative way of operating. Rahm ran as a Democrat, but he's no Democrat.

This is beyond Democrat/Republican. The distinction between the two groups are negligible as both parties bow to the mighty dollar. Look at the devastation that this person is incurring on the poor and the minority. This is not a Democrat. This is a person who loves money. Just look at the TIF program. What a joke.

Andy more than 1 year ago

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