Progressives Gather for Fighting Bob Fest 2016



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Um...I couldn't get to

Um...I couldn't get to Bobfest due to a family medical crisis. Did anything happen? Are there videos like previous years?

Tom Larsen 217 days ago

Hi Tom, Sorry you couldn't

Hi Tom, Sorry you couldn't make it this year. Videos from Bobfest should be up in the next day or two!

Sarah H 217 days ago

Our low power radio station

Our low power radio station has processed the day long audio recording from the main stage provided by Progressive publisher Norm Stockwell and posted links to each speaker's talk at (Scroll down to the bottom of the table.)

Bob Park 215 days ago

Where is Bernie Sanders???

Where is Bernie Sanders??? Where is Jill Stein?? Amaju Baraka? where are the progressives. This is really a dem party and most progreessives are not happy with democratic superdelegates after misrepresenting us ant the convention.

I think this is a bogus and should be called The Deocratic kick off. and festival

chances are attendance will be much less than other years.

Kate Houston 222 days ago

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