Homeless on Campus



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I find this article to be

I find this article to be somewhat heartbreaking. I empathize with all of the students who attends school each day and tries to excel, even though they do not know where they will be laying their heads when the sun goes down. It takes a lot of will power and motivation to keep going. I hope that this is a problem that schools are considering to create a help system for these students. Even though thing can be tough keep going, most successful people had to go through great lengths to become successful.

Shauna Williams 249 days ago

This article is true and I

This article is true and I agree with it wholeheartedly. I have never experienced being homeless or being homeless on campus, but I do empathize with all these students especially the students who have babies. I wish we had more faculty members like "BR" in this article and more sympathetic cleaning ladies who know how to turn a "blind eye" to a situation that needs attention and needs attention like "yesterday." The world would be a much better place in which to live if Colleges, Universities and Technical Schools and all other institutions of learning would care about the struggling, poor, homeless students too. Besides, they are people and they deserve an education just like the students whose parents are so fortunate to have the funds to pay for their child's education. I believe the parents who have the funds to help another students through school should do so. Some one has to care about these students that are homeless.

Oretha Smith more than 1 year ago

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