Bernie Sanders Comes to Wisconsin



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Progressives now have a real

Progressives now have a real true candidate to get behind and that is Bernie Sanders.Hillary is an elite tool for the elites who continue their series of wars for sole goal robbing every dime using elite owned media to drum up one after another wars so the elite MIC stock they control over charge Americans kill both their own children in ridiculous wars for them to profit off.War is a racket free pdf great book by general Smedley Butler where he explains the people we really reward and guess who makes bulk of profits those criminal bankers t
hat Bill and Hillary so destroyed the democratic party since Bills election to potus.

edward abbey more than 1 year ago

He actually drew 13K as 3000

He actually drew 13K as 3000 were turned away - stood outside. The next day he drew 5,000 in Rochester MN. At this rate the country will know who he is and what he stands for very very soon.

KHaas more than 1 year ago

You go Bernie. I give $100.00

You go, Bernie! I give $100.00/mo. in the effort to get this man elected President of the United States. I only wish I could give more. Maybe I can quit my dead-end job and volunteer....hmmmm.

MA. Liberal more than 1 year ago

Besides raising the minimum

Besides raising the minimum wage, we'll have to do something about companies like Uber managing to employ people as independent contractors and obfuscating their costs, netting workers income that is actually under the current minimum wage.

Marc Mouchon more than 1 year ago

For those of us who have

For those of us who have followed Bernie Sander's career for decades,questions of his commitment to the rights of women and minorities are absurd. His entire political philosophy is bases on the defense of the rights of ALL people. Some who raise these issues are not sincere and are merely trying to sow divisions. In time, these hypocrites will be exposed.

John Rintala more than 1 year ago

Might for Right. America's

Might for Right. America's Excalibur! Bernie Sanders - 2016

Andrew Summerville more than 1 year ago

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