Who Asked for Indiana's Anti-Abortion Law? Not Us Disabled Folks.



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Absolutely wonderful! Can't

Absolutely wonderful! Can't you see us all demanding safer abortions? Someone should tell the nitwits legislating this stuff that it's actually safer to have an abortion than a baby. I'd love to see the looks on their faces. My disability was acquired later in life, but I agree absolutely that an abortion of a fetus with Down Syndrome or other disability simply because of the disability is making a judgment that can only be made by the woman in consultation with her doctor. In the case of a happily married couple, of course the spouse should be involved in the decision, since the joys as well as the burdens will be shared. But the final say belongs to the person carrying the fetus.

Barbie Alsop more than 1 year ago

I freaking love your advocacy

I freaking love your advocacy, your humor, your unapologetic crip truths. Kudos and thank you again for being such a bad ass advocate. As a woman and as a feminist, this piece is very much appreciated.

Goddess on Wheels more than 1 year ago

I urge you to rethink this.

I urge you to rethink this. Right now in Hawaii they want to legalize abortion for babies with Downs Syndrome.

Michael Tada more than 1 year ago

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