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Featured Progressive Voices

  • Ruth_Conniff_office_headshot-600x350px_0.jpg.jpe

    Ruth Conniff

    Editor-in-chief of The Progressive. more

  • nichols.jpg

    John Nichols

    National affairs correspondent for The Nation, regular contributor to The Progressive. more

  • Julian Vasquez Heilig photo.jpg.jpe

    Julian Vasquez Heilig

    Professor at California State University Sacramento, Progressive Education Fellow, blogger. more

  • Lueders_Bill.jpg

    Lukas Keapproth

    Bill Lueders

    Managing Editor of The Progressive more

  • Jesse Hagopian

    Jesse Hagopian

    History teacher, author, activist. more

  • Clinton_Kate.jpg

    Kate Clinton

    Because humor gets us through peacetime, wartime, scoundrel time and economic down time. more

  • sarahheadshotsmall.jpg.jpe

    Sarah Jaffe

    Independent journalist covering labor, economic justice, and social movements. more

  • Ervin_Mike.jpg

    Mike Ervin

    Disability rights activist and writer, “expressing pain through sarcasm since 2010.” more

  • Loundsbury_Jud.jpg

    Jud Lounsbury

    Political writer based in Madison, Wisconsin and regular contributor to The Progressive. more

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