About the Progressive Media Project

Media diversity is critical to a healthy democracy. We founded the Progressive Media Project in 1993 to diversify our nation’s op-ed pages. Working with people and nonprofits underrepresented in mainstream media, we run free op-ed writing clinics, and offer professional support and other infrastructure to help generate nationwide dialogue on critical issues reflecting underreported and marginalized perspectives.

We run several op-ed writing workshops each year, sharing tools to empower participants to write strong op-eds and to best communicate their messages. Our op-eds are regularly picked up by mainstream news sites, including the New York Daily News, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Newsweek, and news aggregators like Real Clear News and World News.

“Wow!! I never would have thought that my piece would be picked up 7 times in one month, reaching a potential audience of over one million people. That's very humbling. I’m so grateful for The Progressive for taking a chance on me!!”

—Linda Wiggins-Chavis, middle school science teacher, theologian, and social justice activist in Tampa, Florida about her experience writing the oped, Teaching kids about boundaries.


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PMP infographicThe Progressive Media Project distributes most of its op-eds through the Tribune News Service. We track placements in newspapers, handle reprints (online and print media), field reader responses and media follow up (tv/radio interview requests, etc.) and provide ongoing editorial support for participating nonprofits.

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