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Alexandra Tempus is associate editor of The Progressive



Fifteen years after her death, those carrying on Corrie’s work supporting the Palestinian struggle discuss the latest surge of violence in Gaza and what to do about it. more


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Jefferson County Teachers Association/Facebook

This week, Kentucky lawmakers relented to pressure from thousands of public school teachers who rallied at the state capitol. We talk to Jefferson County Teachers Association vice president Tammy Berlin about what's next. more



Alexandra Tempus

Wisconsin high schoolers—and older constituents, too—show the NRA-favorite House Speaker that his hometown ground is shifting. more


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50 Miles More/Instagram

Wisconsin students leading the effort to keep up the gun-reform momentum have a bold plan to go nationwide ‘until change is made that would save lives on a daily basis.’ more



Alexandra Tempus

High schoolers in Madison join tens of thousands across the nation in a massive show of unity, walking out of class together to protest gun violence and advocate for gun control. more


When your child is a citizen and you are not, what happens after deportation? more

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New York City Environmental Justice Alliance

Climate change activists and survivors of disasters from Haiti to Houston gather to share lessons learned and visions for the future five years after Hurricane Sandy. more


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Alexandra Tempus

On the ground with student protesters at the University of Wisconsin after Regents pass policy to punish those who “disrupt” speech. more

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U.S. Air Force/Zachary Wolf

As Hurricanes Maria, Irma and Harvey demonstrate, climate change makes questions of citizenship and belonging even more urgent. more



Stone Lantern Films

A discussion on the confusing lingo of “school choice,” Betsy DeVos, and glimmers of hope in the fight for public education more

Public School Shakedown

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Randy Bryce for Congress

The buzzy blue-collar candidate challenges Paul Ryan and a central tenet of American conservatism. more



Pax Ahimsa Gethen

As memberships swell, organizations discuss how to move forward at Netroots Nation conference more