Posted by Matthew Rothschild on May 14, 2013

The Executive Branch is out of control.

As Ralph Nader points out, the Obama Administration has been serving as judge, jury, and executioner, even against some U.S. citizens.

Obama’s drone policy is of dubious legality, as is the continued practice of kidnapping and imprisoning people indefinitely.

He waged his war against Libya without Congressional approval.

And now his Administration is overreaching domestically, though it’s unclear how much of this is with his knowledge or green light.

The IRS’s witch-hunt of right wing and Tea Party groups is “outrageous,” as Obama himself properly noted. He should fire the person or people responsible. That’s what you do if you’re the boss and your employee acts in an outrageous fashion.

He also needs to give his Attorney General, Eric Holder the old heave ho.

Because Holder, as head of the Justice Department, was responsible for the secret seizure of the AP’s phone records, including some of their reporters’ home phones and cell phones.

There apparently was no warrant issued for these records, so the Justice Department was violating their Fourth Amendment rights.

And it was also a huge violation of the First Amendment for the Justice Department to be going through the phone records of reporters who are covering the government.

Once the Executive Branch runs amok in foreign policy, it soon finds a way to run amok here at home, as we are learning once more.

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