Marco Rubio's Florida Problem



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Rubio is greatly disliked in

Rubio is greatly disliked in Florida. He made promises to the people of Florida if they would elect him to the Senate and he decided that he did not like being a Senator and did nothing for the people. Now he has completely abandoned his elected position, but he is still collecting a pay check, and has withdrawn from running for Senator again. How can this man be President when he hated being a Senator? Will he make promises to the people as a President and just walk away like he did as a Senator?

jackie g more than 1 year ago

Rubio has a Much Bigger

Rubio has a Much Bigger Problem with the largest segment of the USA--> The USA ladies and girls.
Do these bright young ladies in support of Rubio Know that he Kills the Only bill that will make Sex Discrimination (rape, etc) /Equal Pay/ Equal Treatment/ Equal Congressional representation (we now have only 20% and Some are not even on our side for these) ??

Gotta' take an indepth look at candidates "plans" for American girls and women before you vote. You have been shooting yourselves in the foot as girls and women for Far Too Long. Great that you are for betterment of Hispanics and other minorities.
Please wake up. YOU ladies, girls are AMERICA'S MAJORITY! So, if it weren't for Rubio and his Party, YOU would be treated and paid equally with men for same job!
VOTE SMART, LADIES, for the sake of your families if not yourselves.

sandyo more than 1 year ago

Do any of those young women

Do any of those young women for Rubio or anyoneElse KNOW THAT RUBIO IS ADAMANT AGAINST TREATING WOMEN, GIRLS EQUALLY TO AMERICAN MALES? I have lobbied Florida + 8 other state legislatures (all Republican, btw) AND Congress to make sex discrimination-both sexes-a violation of the US Constitution by PASSING THE EQUAL RIGHTS AMENDMENT. ERA just needs 3 more states to say Yes. But... RUBIO stopped equal treatment for girls, women in the FL legislature and humiliated me at 81 years old before his entire full waiting room, saying, ERA is just Not Important. That's the mantra adopted by the ENTIRE GOP, by the way. They Kill the Paycheck Fairness Act in Congress, too, each year. Are you happy making only 72% of what the average guy makes--same job, same hours, etc? Why vote Republican then, ladies?

Is it not a RealSHAME that Rubio as FL House Speaker was the ONLY ONE to ever REFUSE TO EVEN ASSIGN THE EQUAL RIGHTS AMENDMENT to a committee for a vote! ? Denying freedom of speech discussion of why sex discrimination needs ERA to call it a Violation of US Constitution ?? Still Love Rubio, Ladies and your budget-conscious families?

Go to see Why men and women NEED ERA :, "ERA for Women" w/list of what we miss out on without it that other nations already Have, and see"ERA for Men" even as pols "spit" on us women.

Rubio is as bad as the worst of GOP candidates for women and families, just that Rubio is a bit worse for ladies. READ the GOP platform before You vote.

Sandy Oestreich more than 1 year ago

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