Democracy or Oligarchy?



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Down with Citizens United!!!

Down with Citizens United!!!

Dr. Corrine R. Donley more than 2 years ago

As usual, I could not agree

As usual, I could not agree more. Bernie Sanders is always a great patriot and does not speak with a forked tongue a an Independent. We need many many more with the same values and love of country. But, alas, the corrupted corporate MEDIA of this country will never give his honesty the time of day.

John Piety more than 2 years ago

The criminal elite must go.

The criminal elite must go.

BiggerFatterPolitics more than 2 years ago

bernie is an embrassementvto

bernie is an embrassementvto vt. he talks progressive but acts like a consetvative republican.

he endorsef israel invasion of gaza even though the majority of the Vermontersmonters have opposed Israels onslaught

he also endorses US government payin 3.5 billion in military aid to Israel

he also endorses the F 35 from Vermont even though many Vermonters do not want this plane

t. namaya from vt more than 2 years ago

I'm just so excited. I will

I'm just so excited. I will be a Bernie fan for life. I mean, I thought I was being all nerdy reading voting records, found my favorite candidate that was on the right side of history 100% of time, and when I went to his rally, there was a sea of people. I didn't see anything about it on the news. But we know. Bernie Sanders, if he can win the primary, gets the general in a massive massive landslide. And lets be honest, most anyone who's heard him speak, weather libretarian or liberal, wants him as their president.

Susan more than 1 year ago

Reagan's deregulation of

Reagan's deregulation of rules and regulations kept corporations in check and his Executive Order to initiate the NSA(CIA) surveillance program was a big leap to make "we the people" obsolete and make we the corporation the new norm. A person can be secretly anesthesized and wired for thought monitoring and torture. Orwell had it right. Our trade agreements with Europe and Asia that are pushed by Obama to eliminate free speech for people and governments and grant it to corporate interests, especially Monsanto. Monsanto is working to control the world's seed supply, based on flawed science. Hitler used flawed science to exterminate those he thought were unacceptable. Reagan's sponsor, GE helped Hitler. GE pays no taxes. It's workers pay taxes, no "trickle" up economy there. This is an attempt to overthrow democratic governments.

Alison Smith more than 2 years ago

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