A Few Words Against ‘Support’ for Donald Trump



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Trump Moves to Destroy Public

Trump Moves to Destroy Public Education – Alan Singer’s Latest Huffington Post

Alan Singer 148 days ago

You can approve of the

You can approve of the Hamilton cast scolding of Pence but you can't say it was graceful. You need to try to understand your opponent's points of view. He might as easily say that Trump's campaigning was graceful, as oblivious as was your statement. Your advice not to dogmatically support a figurehead or ideology is sound and it applies to all figureheads and ideologies. Perhaps the left might now recognize that Trump is a reaction to Obama, and that extremists on all sides work to fracture our society. You may still adore Obama but soon you will rue his mighty "pen and phone" precedents, and Harry Reid's nuclear Senate, and a weaponized IRS. You may also view Hillary's secrecy and dishonesty in a new light. In those times, remember that dogmatically supporting figureheads and ideology is largely what got us where we are.

your conscience 150 days ago

I heartily agree, very well

I heartily agree, very well said. We need to continue speaking out, following the example of the Hamilton cast. I hope the postal workers in your town, and others like them, will be supported and defended in similar instances of hate throughout the country that I've heard about since the election. We can't stand by in silence..

Lucy 151 days ago

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