United States of Militiadom



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"Onion of hypocrisy"... how

"Onion of hypocrisy"... how clever.

It seems you've missed the point in your weak attempt at humor. "The people's land is no longer being managed as the people's land. It's the government's land. And if you think that your own right to access it isn't going to be infringed upon, you're sadly mistaken. I'm not going to waste much more time here because it's clear that you've already drank the Kool-aid. Don't be surprised. When you're crammed into the high density urban dwellings with the rest of us, you'll see. Think it's a joke? Look up your own county's 2030 (or 2035) Visioning Plan. You think that all of this shit talking online is going to exempt you from this fate, but it won't. You're being played worse than you could ever imagine. See you there, neighbor.

Mike D. more than 1 year ago

Sorry, Mark, but being

Sorry, Mark, but being shallow and flippant and taking the party line is not exactly investigative journalism, now is it? As usual, you do little more than mouth the liberal cynical response to anything you don't understand. Go ahead and make fun of this but the truth is, this is pushback by the people for an ever-increasing federal monster.

Mark Montaigne more than 1 year ago

What a line of horseshite;

What a line of horseshite; effete half-truths, sloppy 'journalism' & no experience, book learned propaganda.

V. Goss more than 1 year ago

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