Kaplan’s Cure for the Middle East: Imperialism



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This is interesting enough.

This is interesting enough. Everything vile in this dark world is only getting more vile. Capitalists push until things break, especially when governments protect them and use taxpayer dollars to bail them out so that they can continue to thrive, and threaten all, in their mafia capitalist paradise. Those with power, like Obama, continue to kill with impunity and the rhetoric that accompanies the killing ramps up. Post 9-11, the incipient Total Information Awareness system was proposed by George W., who stopped talking about it when the public was alarmed at the fascist sounding program. Of course, The facists continued working on it and it rumbled along like a great fire spreading just below the surface only to break out in the last few years. The police state law-making, naturally, ramped up too, for the state needs to be able to 'legally' operate it's surveillance/security network. China isn't yet in charge of the corporatocracy and so this surveillance security network, unlike China's Golden Shield, needs the kind of veneer of decency and lawfulness that advnaced industrial states like to give their barbarity. But the lawless monsters running the world get tired of holing up the pretense of democracy, clearly, and don't always make the greatest effort to do so, or at least they don't make the greatest effort to do so with sincerity. Julian Assange recently told Amy Goodman (who visited him in London) that the UK government was talking about how laws were just too often in the way of what had to be done. Plenty of US officials and thinkers have said similar things, and not just recently. Condoleeza Rice and a whole host of officials put the world on notice that international law was not going to constrain the US. How many presidential doctrines essentially say the same thing? The Carter doctrine anyone? Obama in some ways went one better. He demonstrated, as opposed to announcing what would be demonstrated, that international law was nice, if it worked for his exceptional America, but the US wouldn't be bound by it. It wouldn't even be bound by it's own laws, as Chomsky noted at the UN. Will the US go to war? Congress and the UN can go along or not, but if Obama and the special interests he represents decide to go to war, it'll be done. And so, each successive president takes the darkness and expands it. Which is to be expected. Crimes unpunished signal to lawbreakers that they can do more lawbreaking.

And there's something else at work here. Not all readers will agree with this. But I think it's a good bet that it's a sound theory, and it may be what the angel had in mind when he told John to let the righteous do righteousness still and let the unrighteous do unrighteousness still. If you choose to reject God and his standards (and rejecting his standards means rejecting him, Doesn't it?), and seek to replace him, then you acquire a disturbance in your soul. That disturbance translates into trouble that you make for others. The godless one needs to know that he hasn't boobed and that there is indeed, no real God. For if there was, that would mean big trouble for those who violate every good rule and principle that the God of the Christian Bible (who critics perversely accuse of being violent) gives us. In order to know that God isn't there, because everyone has to live with themselves, The evil that men do, while also being done for other reasons (usually), is also done with a view to determining that there is no God, for if you do the things that a God of love would never approve of and he doesn't respond to it, Can he really be there? And that passes for smart in this very, very dark world. (We are going to manipulate God?) But like drugs, the addict to freedom from a God of order and love can only be satisfied until his withdrawal symptoms return. And then he has to commit evil again for a fresh fix. And doesn't that mean an increase in dosage? Lucky humankind.

Arby more than 1 year ago

If the USA had turned Iraq

If the USA had turned Iraq into "New Texas" the 51st state of the USA with its capital "Bushdad" and made all Iraqis American citizens like the Romans made every conquered barbarian tribe citizens of Rome who knows how things might have developed.One of the major problems of the Iraq invasion was the lack of winning "hearts and minds" Iraqis and all Arabs view the USA as all Western powers as not caring for them only for very narrow self interest.They were not shocked or surprised by the Abu Graib torture.

Roland more than 1 year ago

“The Middle East is not

“The Middle East is not facing state collapse because of the lack of empire,”
In fact, to a great degree the Middle East is facing state collapse because of the attempted resurgence of empire represented by the Bush invasion of Iraq. Neocon writings of that time indicate their desire to invade Iraq was fueled by the desire to establish the "New American Empire" which they believed would start in Iraq, right after the Iraqis strewed flowers.in the path of the marching invaders.
This guy is another of the dangerous clowns with which the US is overrun at this point, each looking for his 15 minutes of fame.

acme more than 1 year ago

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