Sarah Jaffe


Sarah Jaffe is an independent journalist covering labor, economic justice, social movements, politics, gender, and pop culture. She is a Nation Institute fellow, author of Necessary Trouble: Americans in Revolt, and runs the podcast series Interviews for Resistance.  Find her on Twitter at @sarahljaffe.

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Sarah Jaffe

The Working Families Party has had a busy week: parting ways with Andrew Cuomo, helping push Paul Ryan into retirement, and honing a much-watched national strategy going into November. more



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Puerto Rican teachers are struggling to get their schools up and running after the hurricane, but they are in danger of being privatized too. more


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Darin McClure

Activist, organizer, and author Jane McAlevey brings her breadth of experience to the question of the future of labor in Trump’s America. more


"We've got to help people understand that these puppets have strings, man, and that we're being manipulated." more

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Ady Barkan became a household name for speaking out during the fight for the Affordable Care Act and then against the GOP tax cut bill, which threatens healthcare programs. He's got a lot more things to say. more



Movimiento Cosecha

Sarah Jaffe speaks with Maria Duarte and Omar Cisneros from the Seed Project of Movimiento Cosecha fighting for their right to stay in America and to preserve DACA. more



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To really reverse the Trump agenda, "resistance" is not enough. Instead, a program for making material changes in people's lives is necessary for motivating people to come to the polls. more



Michael Jastremski

“We are in a process of extreme austerity measures; seeing the privatization of our school system and our electrical grid, while at the same time an exodus of people just fleeing the island because it's not getting the resources it needs to rebuild.” more



Samir Cabbarov

Donald Trump has been promising a big infrastructure plan since the campaign days. But what he's got is a whole bunch of nothing, says Hunter Blair of the Economic Policy Institute. more




Women around the world are coming together on March 8, International Women's Day, in a show of collective power. Organizers of the strike talk about what's in store. more

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Kristian Hernandez

The Democrats gave in after just a few days of government shutdown, setting the stage for Trump to propose an immigration “compromise. Kristian Hernandez points out how that will do real harm to many under the guise of “helping” DREAMers. more



Office of the Speaker

Children's healthcare was a bargaining chip in the latest showdown in Congress, but with the government shutdown over for now, Republicans are planning more healthcare cuts. more



Library of Congress

In 2018 all eyes are on electoral politics. But what does that mean for social movements? more



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Trump has now revoked temporary protected status for immigrants from four countries, the latest being El Salvador. Union VP Jaime Contreras, explains what the protected status has meant for people and what is being done to fix the immigration system. more


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Down Home NC

Brigid Flaherty moved home to rural North Carolina after the election of Donald Trump to put her years of organizing experience to work “down home.” more




There was a lot to fight against in 2017, and it was sometimes hard to think about building for the future. But a new campaign aims to change that in 2018. more


Working with “Nobody Leaves Mid-Hudson,” Alfredo Pacheco connects the dots between fighting deportations and fair housing. more

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“If you had asked me in January where we would be today, I would have painted a darker picture. The reason is the millions of people who have called. emailed, gotten arrested, stood in the freezing cold to sing tax-themed carols and everything else.” more



Jesse Myerson

Constituents visited Indiana Rep. Trey Hollingsworth's office to confront him about the tax bill. They were stonewalled for eight hours. more