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If there's enough oil to

If there's enough oil to build a pipeline, then there's enough oil to build a refinery at the source. Creating thousands of temporary construction jobs and hundreds of permanent jobs.

Dan Veason 148 days ago

It is a few hundred temporary

It is a few hundred temporary construction jobs, and the refineries already exist. Please check your facts. This is a net loss on all sides. Thank You

D.E.Larson 147 days ago

Great work but Three-Eyed

Great work but Three-Eyed Billy (though Billy was too cute for me to hate lol) most likely wouldn't be using any of the oil coming out of those pipelines because the majority has already been sold to China and a smaller share to other countries. Tar sand, even refined, has a higher emission rate so it couldn't be used in states with emissions tests. I'd also like to add, even if we ignore the fact that this isn't their land and the fact that it would poison the earth and everyone, what I don't get, is that most of those pipeline workers are from out of state and there won't be any jobs for them after it's complete so I'm baffled to why any ND resident would want the damn thing.

Melanie 149 days ago

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