Deconstructing the Rightwing Spin Machine



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My sister lives in Clifton,

My sister lives in Clifton, NJ. She heard the muslims in the streets screaming their war cries and cheering on 911. 342 days ago

The dark forces have always

The dark forces have always chosen to lie; it comes with their fetid territory! Dark-hearted right-wing robots across the world don't like truth, least of all about themselves. Seeing as those warped creatures mentioned in the article above are so keen on comparing modern-day folk with those of the abhorrent Nazi regime, they could try comparing *themselves* with the same: such as Joseph Goebbels -- the Reich Minister of Propaganda in Nazi Germany, who likewise was a professional liar. He too was an enemy of humanity, love and truth, the same as them. 352 days ago

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