Book Review: Shut Up! Just Shut Up!



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One thing he never considers

One thing he never considers is the person you don't hear about who has been silenced by the attacks on those strong enough to take it. Such as the person who did not report on a radical Muslim family that shot up a Christmas party for fear of being called a racist. The only examples we can see are the ones where the person has the courage to speak up knowing what is going to happen. We can never know all the people who have already been silenced.

Hartbreaker 319 days ago

Wrong, she's right.

Wrong, she's right.

mark damon more than 1 year ago

"Powers sees mainly victims,

"Powers sees mainly victims, all of whom happen to be conservative." How can you say this? I assume you have read the book. This is not what Powers says.

Anonymous more than 1 year ago

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