All Aboard: The Fight Against Segregation on Bob-Lo Island



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How about a story about the

How about a story about the rioting on the island in the 80s that closed Boblo for good?

rob 273 days ago

oh, i see, the "progressive"

oh, i see, the "progressive" practices censorship too. ironic, and not very progressive. typical liberal hypocrisy.

paul 322 days ago

and then they desegregated,

and then they desegregated, and the blacks destroyed detroit, and they all lived happily ever after. in retrospect, the segregationists were 100% correct. look how quickly and severely they destroyed south africa as soon as apartheid was lifted. how about a story about that?? hahaha, never in the liberal american media, they would rather make up bs. stories about "unarmed youths".

paul 322 days ago

I was little (as in Dr

I was little (as in Dr Zhivago's opening scene) it was the early 60's, can't say I remember race of people on the Bob-lo boat. We always had a great time riding the Wild Cat, and the bumper cars. Don't remember any negroes at the park. Would say everybody I saw was white. Aunts Uncles cousins had picnics on the Island was great for a little kid. Was a great place for fun. I feel bad negro's were excluded. I did not know.

paul northey 324 days ago

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