Posted by Tamara on February 20, 2014

Scott Walker and his defenders steadfastly have evaded questions about the existence and use of a secret email network to evade Open Records laws. The #WalkerDocs destroyed any ambiguity.

For instance, take an exchange in February 2010, when Walker then-deputy chief of staff and now-convicted felon Kelly Rindfleisch explains the m.o. She was using private email and brought in her laptop to work on county time to execute, "things I shouldn’t be doing on my county computer."

Read the full exchange here.

Scott Walker`s John Doe Files

If you'd like to help, download the files for yourself (WalkerDocs 1 | WalkerDocs 2) and tweet your tips at @TheProgressive under #WalkerDocs.

Photo: "Woman with headache," via Shutterstock.