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Unless foreign powers withdraw, Syria is in danger of being permanently partitioned along lines dictated by outside powers. more

Jun 22, 2017 2:56 PM Dispatches 1 Comments

It’s so frustrating to be a not-very-super superpower. It seems that Tomahawk missiles are what you fire when you just have to do something but nothing you do works. more

Apr 13, 2017 9:28 AM Dispatches

Thursday’s U.S. missile strike on Syria came without Congressional approval, and hearkens back to the U.S. entry into WWI one hundred years ago. more

Apr 7, 2017 12:55 PM Dispatches 3 Comments

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Paul Keller

With no direct threat to the national security of the United States and with no Congressional authorization, such use of force was illegal. more

Apr 7, 2017 12:05 PM Dispatches


Syrian Civil Defense

For the first time since the beginning of the war, the regime has suffered consequences for its crimes. Survivors of Tuesday’s massacre and residents of Khan Sheikhoun welcomed the strikes. more

Apr 7, 2017 10:35 AM Dispatches 1 Comments


Freedom House

Once again, the dictator of Syria, Assad, has committed a crime against humanity. And once again, the U.S. government is playing the role of apologist. more

Apr 5, 2017 8:05 PM Dispatches 1 Comments

The movie crosscuts between the desperate newcomers and longtime Italian inhabitants, who lead simple lives. more

Oct 25, 2016 2:36 PM Dispatches

A Syrian refugee describes the challenges he faces stuck in Finnish immigration. more

Oct 24, 2016 2:48 PM Dispatches

The death toll of the “let’s kill the people who are trying to kill us" method is rising. more

Oct 3, 2016 3:16 PM Dispatches

If this cartoon seems complicated, that’s because it is. more

Aug 11, 2016 1:49 PM Dispatches

Empty buildings and people in need of shelter. more

May 4, 2016 6:16 PM Dispatches

The terrible attacks in Paris have been met with widespread condemnation and horror, but they’ve also been met with overreaction and panic. more

Nov 19, 2015 5:00 PM Dispatches

On at least sixteen previous occasions, President Obama assured the American people that there would be “no boots on the ground.” more

Nov 5, 2015 4:04 PM Dispatches 3 Comments

"I was troubled by Clinton's hollow responses and the fact that they went unchallenged by the mainstream media." more

Oct 16, 2015 4:21 PM Dispatches

Syria needs international help. more

Jul 31, 2015 4:15 PM Op-Eds 4 Comments

Since leaving the CIA Baer has become an outspoken commentator on intelligence-related matters in various venues, including CNN as its national security affairs analyst. Image credit: Kevin Toolis. more

Dec 23, 2014 7:32 PM Dispatches 3 Comments

It didn't trouble him to hail the path of peace as he was waging war. more

Sep 24, 2014 10:07 PM Op-Eds 2 Comments

His bombing campaign is legally weak, and his rhetoric weaker. more

Sep 23, 2014 10:09 PM Op-Eds 4 Comments

Like Bush, Obama is waging an illegal and senseless war. more

Sep 11, 2014 3:19 PM Op-Eds 4 Comments