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Activists say schools can do more to promote racial equality. more




What do you do when the entire country needs a permanent, daily education on racism? more

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Whether the focus is gun violence or racist public policies, people are collectively recognizing how we currently put the lives of our children at risk—some children more than others. more

Public School Shakedown

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“He knew, as he and his wife told me and anybody else who asked them, that any or all of the family of six might die any day.” more


Arely Tomas is living on the edge, never knowing what a knock on her door brings, or if her routine check-ins at an ICE office will result in a one-way deportation ticket. The work of immigration rights activists has never been more important. more

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Her father’s name is on the landmark U.S. Supreme Court case, Brown v. Board of Education, a milestone in ending racial segregation in public education. more



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The string of bombings in Austin have rattled the city’s belief in itself as a progressive haven. more


"We've got to help people understand that these puppets have strings, man, and that we're being manipulated." more

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Presidencia de la República Mexicana

Parents outraged over a discussion of privilege in a Wisconsin school district, which suffers from a historical amnesia that indigenous Mexicans can't afford. more

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The Schott Foundation is offering a seismic shift in how policy makers, philanthropists and the general public can create better schools. more

Public School Shakedown



What would it mean for black students to sit in a classroom knowing their teacher was armed? more

Public School Shakedown

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Michael Lamont

George Takei talks about his latest work, lessons from history, and combatting racism and sexism today. more


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Tim Robbins discusses real world issues within the context of modern film and stage productions. more



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The 1968 report cited that media coverage was framed “from the standpoint of a white man's world.” Half a century later, white media gatekeepers have maintained the disturbing status quo. more



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A new exhibit illustrates the lesser-known side of an organization whose image is often only portrayed as militant. more


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Donald Trump’s racism has been apparent from day one—and he is cementing this disregard for the welfare of people of color into our federal judiciary. more


Holiday, who throughout her career called public attention to the devastating impact of white supremacy, drew the notice of the Commissioner for the Federal Bureau of Narcotics. He ordered her to stop singing the song... more

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Author Linda Nathan worries that well-meaning educators who say every student can go to college are doing more harm than good. more

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On Monday, fast food workers will participate in nationwide strikes and protests in partnership with the Poor People’s Campaign, originally organized by Dr. Martin Luther King. more



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Black Lives Matter at School Week is a direct extension of the work of Carter Woodson, often called ‘the father of black history.’ more

Public School Shakedown