Mark Fiore

It's like Blue Apron for lies! more


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Elvis Batiz

Virginia Eubanks’ new book “Automating Inequality” looks at how automated eligibility systems “profile, police, and punish” the poor. more



George Hodan

In stories and statistics, Alston’s report presents a shocking portrait of mass unemployment, child poverty and homelessness in America—at this time when Republicans are determined to cut social services for those who need them most. more


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Carolyn Coe

“Education is the path, especially in Afghanistan, toward a green, equal, and nonviolent world.” more




There was a lot to fight against in 2017, and it was sometimes hard to think about building for the future. But a new campaign aims to change that in 2018. more


Walker, whose approval rating has been well below 50 percent the last couple of years and who is facing a tough re-election in 2018, has taken the Willie Horton ad model to new depths. more


If you want to hide your millions from taxation, just find a willing offshore haven to make your megabucks disappear into a maze of shell corporations. It’s your money, let the little people worry about their silly public roads and icky health care! more


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Kathy Kelly

Kabul, formerly one of the safest places in Afghanistan, has now become one of the most dangerous. more



MaxPixel's contributors

People say home care workers are selfless saints for doing this type of work. But home care workers are usually flat broke. They deserve a decent wage. more



Courtesy Amy Zachmeyer

Amy Zachmeyer of Houston Democratic Socialists of America on rebuilding, mutual aid, climate change and more. more



Lawrence Jackson

Most people in Congress aren’t really addressing poverty. They seem to be more concerned with the prospects of the middle class. more



Victoria Pickering

Twenty years after "Welfare Reform," organizers are backing a bill that would undo its worst harms. more


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Walker image Gage Skidmore

Walker is not bent on drug testing anyone who wants to enter a library, sit on a park bench, or enroll their children in a public school. He is not planning to make wealthy people pee into a cup before they can use public courts. more


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Alice Lee

Temporary housing or a homeless shelter can be a traumatic experience for children, particularly if it uproots them from their current schools, but it's a reality for many families in New York City. more


Jennifer Berkshire and Jack Schneider talk to Tressie McMillan Cottom about the rise of for-profit colleges that saddle low-income students with debt and questionable credentials. And are K-12 schools going the same way? more

Public School Shakedown

White poverty is not an accident, but an integral part of the structure of American society. more

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Where to look to understand upheaval in a city I love? more

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Choice doesn't do a thing for the daily stresses of poverty. more

Public School Shakedown

“Many think Trump could not prevail in a general election. I’m not convinced.” more

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