Native Americans

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Diné Equality

Prior to colonization, American Indians had their own values of tolerance and acceptance. Forgetting those values not only threatens our tradition, but our right to tribal sovereignty. more



Tim Vanderpool

A desert tribe, tormented by border patrol, pushes back against Trump’s wall. more


Public attention has focused on the bad behavior of prominent, mostly white men. Thankfully, this spotlight is also falling on Indian men who have behaved in similar ways. more


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Tribal sovereignty is precarious at best. Indians know that at any point the President, Congress, and the U.S. Supreme Court could do away with Indian-federal treaties, dismantle reservations, and open up tribal lands to the highest bidder. more



US Army

For those who would say retiring Wahoo is a positive step in the right direction, I cry foul ball. more

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AP Images

Trump’s Administration, so far, may not be as bad for American Indians as Andrew Jackson or Ulysses S. Grant. But it aims to be. more



Arturo Pardavila III

This is a victory, but there’s still a lot of work to do. more



Annabelle Marcovici

Some activists call Line 3 the “alternative Keystone” for providing tar sands oil a route out of landlocked northern Alberta. But unlike Keystone XL, Line 3 has largely escaped public attention. more


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The Gun Lake Tribe and Rhino Media Productions

I asked President Trump to join a traditional Native-American Thanksgiving. He did not reply. more



Neeta Lind

His work marks a turning point in the consciousness of this country about historical and current mistreatment of American Indians. more


From proud displays of Indians as savage sports mascots, to exploiting Indian land for oil and other natural resources, you cannot convince me that the spirit of Christopher Columbus is no longer with us. more

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The Cherokee were wrong to exclude their black brothers and sisters from membership. more


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Courtesy Greg Werkheiser

The Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape people have lived in New Jersey since before statehood. Now, they are once again battling for tribal recognition. more


The proposed pipeline would carry 760,000 barrels of tar sands per day through lakes, wild rice beds, and important Native treaty lands in northern Minnesota. more



Keith Allison

Like Little Black Sambo, Frito the Bandito and other racial stereotypes, the days of the Redskins name and image are numbered. more


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Chip Thomas

For thirty years, Chip Thomas has worked as a doctor in the Painted Desert region. He's also an artist, committed to sharing the stories and concerns of the Navajo people he works with. Take a look. more



Sarah Jaffe

Friday, March 10, was the Native Nations Rising march and gathering in Washington, DC, a coming together of water protectors and indigenous leaders and organizers from around the country. One organizer describes the event and what’s next. more



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By presenting the often overlooked female indigenous point of view, the filmmakers of the Native Women in Film Film Festival are pathfinders, blazing new trails in cinema and culture. more

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Dark Sevier

Police deployed military weaponry. The water protectors responded with prayer. They gathered many allies. They appealed to treaty rights to stop the Black Snake. Today the camp lies in ruins, but there have been victories along the way. more