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Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions seem hell-bent on reviving one of the worst policy failures in U.S. history, the “War on Drugs.” Party poopers. more

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It would take a very stable genius to close Guantanamo. more

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“I feel like I’ve seen firsthand what redemption looks like. This is it.” more

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100 years after one of the least-known and saddest chapters in American history, families of executed black soldiers have petitioned Trump for justice. more

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Monica Trinidad of For the People Artists Collective and People's Response Team explains the fight over Chicago city council's vote to fund a new police academy. more

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The priests, and a housekeeper and her daughter, were slaughtered by a special unit of the Salvadoran military trained by the United States of America. more

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Our laws need to catch up with our technology. And fast. more

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The defense claims a young Muslim man went to great lengths to reject the ‘FBI-orchestrated terrorism plot’ that informants pushed on him. more

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Police as an occupying force are ineffective and unsafe more

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LGTBQ+ people are six times more likely than the rest of the prison population to be sexually assaulted. more

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A progressive wind is blowing into the D.A.’s office, and none too soon, given the current climate in the courts and in the prisons. more

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Robbins and Moyers talk about their mutual distress over the current Attorney General’s opposition to bipartisan prison reform. more

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Filmmaker Jenner Furst talks about the tragedy of our juvenile justice system, and a moment in history to possibly make it right. more

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"Honey, hide the sharp knives." more

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How to challenge those who flout human rights laws? We can challenge the “shameless” by shifting our focus from their actions to the networks of financial enablers and suppliers who equip and sustain them. more

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Wearing anything in Santa red will land you in solitary confinement. It’s a gang color, and a serious violation of prison rules. more

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A new sheriff in town? The controversial Milwaukee County Sheriff is headed for a high level position in Trump's Department of Homeland Security. Here's why that's not good. more

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When disenfranchised people have their dignity and independence restored, the community is better served. more

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When a stomach ache can land you in jail. more

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Where to look to understand upheaval in a city I love? more

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