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Bill Lueders is managing editor of The Progressive and author of An Enemy of the State, the biography of the late editor of The Progressive, Erwin Knoll. Lueders was news editor at Isthmus, Madison’s alternative weekly, for twenty-five years, and won dozens of state and national awards. In 2011 he moved to the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism, where he became one of Wisconsin’s leading investigative reporters. In 2015 he joined the staff of The Progressive. His website is


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James Clapper, Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency under George H. W. Bush and Director of National Intelligence under President Barack Obama speaks out against the current President. more


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Alisdare Hickson

We need to be creative in finding ways to express displeasure toward the President, the only real check on his cruelty. more


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U.S. Customs and Border Protection

But it’s fully in keeping with Trump’s stance toward immigrants. more


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Eric Wahlforss

Michael Pollan explores the political effects of psychedelic drugs. more


See ya later alligator! more


Ten positive things that have come from the Trump Administration. more

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Donald Trump usually writes me three times a week, sometimes four. Usually he asks for only $1. more


Voters rejected a hand-picked Republican candidate for state Supreme Court as well as an effort to eliminate a key watchdog position. Watch out Governor Walker. more




Jennifer Mendelsohn presents what she’s learned about the family histories of prominent anti-immigration proponents. Here are some of her finds. more



Lukas Keapproth

The problem with Trump’s stance toward immigration isn’t just that it’s divisive and based on lies. It also runs counter to what America in its best moments stands for. more


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In this issue we highlight the human dimension of immigration, plus a whole lot more. more


Bill Lueders examines books that show the importance of unions. more



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David Mahoney went to the White House last week with a whole bunch of issues to discuss. But President Donald Trump was focused on one thing. more


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In an age when anyone with access to a computer or smartphone can spread falsehoods, we all have a civic duty to be discerning news consumers. more

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USMC Sgt. Ray Lewis

We are being conned into affirming the wars as well as the warriors—which puts those who serve at greater peril. more

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