On 90th anniversary of women’s suffrage, a look at Wisconsin women who played a big role in suffrage movement

Ninety years ago, on Aug. 26, 1920, women won the right to vote, and Wisconsin has the proud honor of being the first state to have ratified the Nineteenth Amendment.

Sierra DeMulder - "Paper Dolls"

The feminist movement of the 1970s popularized the slogan, "The personal is political." And it's true: what has more meaning than our own personal relationships?Too often, unfortunately, the relationships between men and women become embodied by violence and assault. In her powerful poem "Paper Dolls," Sierra Demulder speaks of these experiences we too often hear in statistics, and reaffirms the power of women to stand tall even when "you can't tell between an Adam's apple and a fist."


Stayceyann Chin - "Feminist or a Womanist"

In honor of Pride Month, and in the ongoing struggle for gay marriage and all equal rights for the queer community, here is the one and only Staceyann Chin. Born in Jamaica, based in Brooklyn, Chin is an international literary rock star and advocate for human rights. Is she a feminist or (in Alice Walker's words) a "womanist"? Listen in and find out.

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