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Walker’s Mine Imperils Wisconsin

In the year 2000, a spiritual elder of the Ojibwe tribe in Northern Wisconsin warned of massive water pollution and shortages of clean water in the years to come. “What are you going to do about it?” he asked Josephine Mandamin, an Ojibwe grandmother. Mandamin could not get the question out of her head.

In Ojibwe spiritual teachings, women are responsible for water. Their special relationship to water spirits is related to women’s ability to carry and generate life.


Doris Lessing: The Progressive Interview

This article was originally published in The Progressive's June, 1999 edition. To get more great content like this, subscribe today for as little as $10 a year and get a free 2014 calendar as a gift.

Fifty years after migrating from provincial South Africa to London to become a novelist, Doris Lessing is still writing on a manual typewriter—though not, of course, on the same machine she used for her first novel, The Grass Is Singing (Crowell, 1950).


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