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A Landmark Concert 75 Years Ago

It was 75 years ago that Marian Anderson gave her famous outdoor performance at the Lincoln Memorial. The concert, known today as the “Freedom Concert,” occurred on Easter Sunday, April 9, 1939.

It was a moment of great symbolic importance for racial progress in the United States.

Missouri Landfill Owner’s Smelly Amendment

Missouri Landfill Owner’s Smelly Amendment

By Fred McKissack

Just days after the Supreme Court decided that the nexus between big money and elected officials wasn’t corrupt comes a hot mess from Missouri that shows how private interests influence public policy.


Safely nestled inside of a state senate bill designed to hold St. Louis-area landlords accountable for crime-infested properties is an amendment that would give immunity to Republic Services and its troubled landfill located in north St. Louis County.


Tea Party Goes Down to Defeat in Black River Falls, Wisconsin

Tea Party candidates had a mixed showing in spring elections across in the country. In one snapshot race in a Wisconsin county that voted 52% to 46% in favor of Barack Obama in 2012, the Tea Party's candidate for mayor was walloped, 70% to 30%.

What Corruption? McCutcheon Reveals Absurdity of the Court

Thanks to five Republican appointees to the U.S. Supreme Court, a handful of billionaires and millionaires can now dole-out up to $3.6 million among candidates and committees per election cycle. The vast majority of Americans could not ever have maxed out in political giving under the cap of $132,000 per cycle that the Court struck down.


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