White Administrators' Guilt



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Former Bloomfield New Mexico

Former Bloomfield New Mexico principal Troy H Webb, in his published dissertation "calling for an end to manifest destiny in public education" wrote that white people should not be teaching in the Southwest. As a fair complexioned speaker of Spanish and English, I have seen racist hatred from ALL sides. Webb had a fake credential, and a published racist position, yet the New Mexico Dept of Public Ed ignored this evidence. Webb is now gone, but it took years, the details of his departure are unknown. And my skin is still a big problem in my classroom, so sad.

Afraid to say more than 2 years ago

T. Webb is a huge problem in

T. Webb is a huge problem in the four corners for education but has somehow moved on to become principal of a school with the majority of students being white. His dissertation was a joke. White teachers in the southwest are no less discriminated against than the Black or Hispanics in this country. It is time to stop being ashamed for being born White.

Sick of racism in education more than 1 year ago

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