Weaponized Generosity: How L.A.'s 1% Disrupt Democracy and Dismantle the Public School System



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Maybe if your local school

Maybe if your local school districts could actually educate students and produce members of society that were productive -- like Broad -- rather than foundlings who'll grow up to suck at the public teat, Broad's actions wouldn't be necessary.

I wish I had problems like someone donating $490 million to try to make MY local public school system better. You poor babies.

How you don't see that teachers' unions and entrenched bureaucracy do a disservice to all students in your area, and across the country, is a complete mystery to me.

"Where is the evidence that charter schools outperform public schools?"

OMG open your eyes for christ's sake. (Had to remove the five links I provided because your brain-dead spam filter wouldn't let them through. Try googling things like:

"Boston's charter schools show striking gains"

"Stanford urban charter school study"

"The unappreciated success of charter schools"

and so on )

which is not to say it isn't a hotly debated topic, because it is . . . but to claim there is no evidence at all that charter schools outperform is rank mendacity.

Mombassa Jesus 258 days ago

Thank you for this article.

Thank you for this article. I am a LAUSD employee, and as far as I am concerned, it is us educators who have the training and know how and hands-on experience on how best to educate our students. But we are rarely asked by the district to participate in the selection of our administrators. I hope that will change for the future. Mr. Broad needs to stick to artistic philanthropy, and leave the education of our students to the experts, of which he is not one!

Tim more than 1 year ago

One important point that you

One important point that you won't hear from UTLA; about 5,000 senior teachers have been forced out by pressure at the school sites. This includes many that have been falsely accused and gone through teacher jail. UTLA abandoned group legal services for teachers some time ago, perhaps with the understanding that some experienced teachers would have to be sacrificed in order to protect the district's bottom line. This leaves a much younger teaching force that is more pliable. UTLA has failed in protecting its members.

Michael Dominguez more than 1 year ago

Outstanding essay. Another

Outstanding essay. Another excellent piece addressing Broad's disdain for democratic processes: http://www.truth-out.org/opinion/item/31748-the-non-profit-industrial-complex-s-role-in-imposing-neoliberalism-on-public-education

Robert D. Skeels more than 1 year ago

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