Watching Wisconsin Destroy Public Schools



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Liberals Had 50 Years

The liberals had the past 50 years to create a solid school system in Milwaukee and they earned a solid F grade. Continuing to use the same failed policies and throwing taxpayers' money at the problem year after year is the definition of insanity. These histrionic socialist snowflakes (e.g., Jenni Hofschulte) refuse to acknowledge that Milwaukee's per-pupil spend is more than most high-performing suburban school districts in the state and more than most large cities' spend nationwide. More money will accomplish nothing but milk the taxpayer and line the pockets of Milwaukee establishment liberals. These liberals don't care about results. They only care about continuing the cradle-to-the-grave gravy train that they have become accustomed to over the past 50 years. You liberal crybabies have had a half a century to create your socialist utopia. You made out like bandits at the expense of taxpayers and low-income/minority children. You can now sit down and shut up. You are failures. Your agenda is a failure. It's time to try a new approach. No matter what policy is implemented it can only get better because your policies have been a complete disaster. The proof is in the results or, in your case, the utter lack of results.

John Smith 80 days ago

We are destroying generations

We are destroying generations.

L Kern more than 1 year ago

Privatizing of public

Privatizing of public education is occurring across the country. In this regard, Ohio is way ahead of Wisconsin, within this decade it has been projected that all Ohio public schools will exist in name only. They will basically serve as ATMs for charters and church related private schools. It is true,as some readers imply, that public school organizations- such as teacher unions, have been unwitting partners in this movement by accepting "reforms", which are really tactics to further undermine public education. Least we forget, the Obama Administration has increased privatization, something supporters often ignored.

Thomas Stephens more than 1 year ago

This sickens me. Public

This sickens me. Public education is being exploited by Walker, who could care less about the children. This is a huge blow to the Public Education of all children. I feel sorry for the kids who have been sent to voucher driven private school, to be forgotten.

Joan Koenig Johnson more than 1 year ago

This country would be far

This country would be far better off if every sitting Republican governor were publicly hanged, drawn and quartered. They are traitors to every value that ever justified America's existence. Corporate capitalism will eventually destroy the United States, and make it a laughingstock for historians.

William Burgess Leavenworth more than 1 year ago

You must realize the Teachers

You must realize the Teachers Union did more to destroy public schools than anyone or faction did.
And I am a strong supporter of public schools. I personally went to a one room school in Northbrook, Illinois in 1927.
I am 94 now.

Just Hallen more than 1 year ago

The union helped get teachers

The union helped get teachers trained and paid well for the hard job that they do.

Genie Ogden 157 days ago

Stop playing to your masters

Stop playing to your masters The Koch Brothers

Kim Hayward more than 1 year ago

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