Segregation Now, Segregation Forever?



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I think segregation needs to

I think segregation needs to come back and be legal again. iTS ONLY NATURAL to segregate and be among your own color. America needs to stop crimes against nature like race mixing, gays and lesbians and all this is sins against God. There are serveral verse in the Bible forbiding these crimes against nature. Lastly, according to the UN section 2 we have the right to perserve our history, heritage and race from genocide.

Dan more than 1 year ago

Never discussed by the DFL

Never discussed by the DFL/Progressive anti-ed-reform people:

1. Segregation by neighborhood boundaries rather than choice (hello, Bryn Mawr)
2. High-performing charters for students of color (I know of not a single district school that compares to some of the ones that exist primarily for kids of color. Loveworks should shape up or go - accountability does need to be the price of autonomy with charters, but it's unfair and biased to ignore successes. There are successful integrated schools too - like Southside Family School. Why is it OK for white liberals to "vote" with economic power, but not OK for POC to "vote" with choice?)
3. Reasons so many people of color find the current district bureaucracy does not meet their kids needs and find less bureaucratic alternatives where they can have a genuine influence. (Look into the history of the Black Panther movement creating its own schools for more on this.)
4. Districts "counseling out" students - yes it happens - and charters "counseling in" students who are not easy to serve (Lions Gate, Cyber Village) and served better by smaller schools.

Minke more than 1 year ago

Why do people keep talking

Why do people keep talking about the ancient Brown v. Board decision, that was mostly overturned in Milliken? We even teach Brown v. Board in the schools without mentioning Milliken, which is pretty misleading to our students.

Why shouldn't students be able to to a German language immersion school even though not many black students are interested in that? If you have one extreme (de jure segregation, a school explicitly for whites only and another for blacks only etc.) and another (total integration by percentages, every minority must proportionally represented, regardless of any reasons this might not be best, like common interests or travel distance) the right solution will be somewhere in the middle.

To call the middle a "slippery slope" does not justify going all the way to the left-wing extreme to stay off that slope.

David more than 1 year ago

I always found Thurgood

I always found Thurgood Marshall's response to the Milliken case interesting: “Unless our children begin to learn together, there is little hope that our people will ever learn to live together.”

This report is worth a read, too:

Sarah more than 1 year ago

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