The Secret Group That Wants to Take Over Your School



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So sorry to hear you've

So sorry to hear you've inherited Michael Goar. He CRPE'd around Boston for a while a few years back. I think the end game back then was for Boston to become a Broad-infected district, but they couldn't get it off the ground. The admin team was too incompetent.

Christine Langhoff more than 1 year ago

I had a sinking feeling that

I had a sinking feeling that New Hampshire was on the, "forefront" of this. Disgusting. I have yet to experience Live Free or Die in the Live Free or Die state.

Diane Sekula more than 1 year ago

This explains so much!

This explains so much! Basically they are instituting a system that disadvantages special needs students plus income and racially diverse schools.They are preventing teachers from teaching and turning their attention away from the individual needs of the children in their classes. They are relegating teachers to data collectors and bullying them into long training sessions to learn how to collect data in a very specialized way. Again, this takes away from actual time spent teaching. Hardest hit are humanities and arts subjects. But it is those programs that help kids become wise global citizens. For example it has been proved that music stimulates all areas of the brain. It teaches cooperation and group participation, hand-eye coordination improves, listening skills and reading skills improve, a sense of shared purpose and collective victories occur. An outlet for emotions in music is a tool to lessen frustration, rage and help students self soothe. Music teaches about other times and other cultures and leads to a better understanding of humanity. Other arts subjects such as drama, drawing/painting/sculpting enhance the talents of children and give them pride and confidence in themselves. Libraries allow students to explore all the genres from fiction to philosophy, to science, biographies, poetry etc. These are the subjects that develop literary skills, critical thinking, creativity, empathy and global perspectives. Physical Education and sports strengthen bodies, minds and cooperation and fight obesity. Yet these are the subjects axed in favour of dry, frustrating core subjects being taught in ways that do not take into consideration the learning style of individual students. Teachers no longer have the time to extend help to such students. Investing in education should be a priority because it shapes the future of humanity. Do we want robots or do we want greatness. Do not let the bean counters take away quality of life from our children. Do not allow them to shape our culture into ignorant, unfeeling, self interest or to make success all about corporate gain. We are losing our teachers by the droves now. We'll be losing our humanity in one generation. Stand up and stop this!

Beryle Chambers more than 1 year ago

CRPE and the creeps are

CRPE and the creeps are concentrated on expanding segregated corporate charter schools that will impose the Broken Windows model of schooling that KIPP made infamous. It is about corporate control of public space and dehumanization and control of the poor. Coming up with new ways to make functional public schools dysfunctional is necessary to carry out their mission.

Jim Horn more than 1 year ago

This article is at best

This article is at best uninformed and possibly just stupid. Serious readers should ignore it. Is there a threat from the corporate reform movement? Sure. But CRPE is not a part of that. This author must have some other agenda.

Curtis Johnson more than 1 year ago

Well done. I've written

Well done. I've written numerous blog posts on Roza's intellectually vacuous "analyses" and assertions about school finance.

Here are a few:

I've even had to waste page space on academic articles rebutting her utterly ridiculous claims. See:

Let's clear this up first and foremost. She is not nor has she ever been a credible "expert" in school finance. Only in her own head and sadly, in some policy circles, among those who a) don't know any better and b) are unwilling to apply even the slightest bit of critical thinking to her work/presentations (she gets the invites for the type of event you describe above).


Bruce D. Baker

Bruce Baker more than 1 year ago

Thank you for your great

Thank you for your great article! I'll be doing more research into CRPE...
When the GED was taken over by Pearson there was a 90% drop in the number of students who could earn a GED... Pearson doubled the price...Pearson says we have to have common core to get college and career ready... the biggest scam on earth... I started doing research and co-wrote this book and website. We are solidifying a two-tiered system. Here is more information on how they do it! Same bumblers funding CRPE have been gunning for control over our schools since the 1980's... and the misleading report... "A Nation at Risk"...

Elizabeth Hanson more than 1 year ago

The corporatization of

The corporatization of everything continues. This is insane. So much money going to the wrong places while schools suffer.

Margey sebastian more than 1 year ago

I agree Margey Sebastian we

I agree Margey Sebastian we are all being squeezed for our tax dollars by privatization whitch is stealing for a rediculous system they want to impose.

Mario Merlonghi more than 1 year ago

What other districts is CRPE

What other districts is CRPE in? The ”right sizing” strategy sounds familiar in Seattle...

Ian Golash more than 1 year ago

I'm a public education

I'm a public education blogger (Seattle Schools Community Forum) and yes, I know CRPE well. Basically, they are a charter school think-tank. Just today, the University of Washington's Evans School on Public Policy is having a panel discussion on charter schools with TWO people from CRPE, one from a charter group, one from another huge charter supporter (Washington Policy Center), one person from a private religious school, and one seemingly lone dissenter, Seattle School Board director, Sue Peters.

CPRE is one of those orgs that makes a very good public face for what is basically a lot of brainwashing on charter schools.

Melissa Westbrook more than 1 year ago

I am now two meetings into a

I am now two meetings into a four-year term as a school board member. While I believe myself to be a person of good will, the School Boards are clearly ripe for a CRPE takeover. People do not vote and candidates do not register for school board elections. In my own election, I was one of only two candidates whose name appeared on the ballot for four open positions. Five additional candidates declared themselves candidates by registering as write-in candidates. The turnout for the election was about 8% of eligible voters. Two write-in candidates were elected by capturing approximately 1.6% of eligible voters. Could CRPE have influenced this election? They absolutely could have. And when CRPE provides funding to a stooge in our district, they will take control of our board.
About the only way that I can see school boards like my own remaining able to set policy that views situations as if schools are community assets rather than businesses is if retirees, who have achieved fixed-income independence from needing to think in business terms. The job-maker argument that business is always to be accommodated doesn't play as well among those who no longer seek to have jobs.

Howard Solomon more than 1 year ago

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