As the School Year Ends, Public Education is in Doubt



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To confidently repair the

To confidently repair the world, defund the Progressive Global Agenda from K-12, university, law-journalism-film schools; replacing the suicidal pedagogy with Western Enlightenment.

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Robert Burke 266 days ago

After seeing the GED test

After seeing the GED test taken over by Pearson to align with common core and the pass rates plummet nationwide (1/2 million fewer students could pass the new GED who otherwise would have passed the previous GED), I started doing research into common core and its tests. What I discovered was an arsenal of weapons of mass deception pointed at our schools. We are seeing one of the biggest cons hoisted upon the U.S. people... that we are failing when its our economy and government that have failed us.

Elizabeth Hanson more than 1 year ago

My problem is that this is

My problem is that this is written from a single-state perspective but presented as if it is a national piece; for each state, it differs whether Republicans or Democrats are the ones in the corporate pockets or the ones fighting it (in my state, New Mexico, Republicans support corporate "reform" and Democrats are fighting against it), and the sequence of events does differ from state to state. However, I agree that we have a problem with the future loss of public service at the altar of corporate profiteering.

Michelle Skigen more than 1 year ago

BOTH Republican and Dem

BOTH Republican and Dem candidates will SAY they support public education, of course. They have no other real (viable) choice. Obama said he get elected, but he lied to us. Privatization and diversion of funding AWAY from public schools has mushroomed under the Obama administration. If Americans want public schools in the future, they have to make education a top issue in the campaign and the vote. We all need to be asking candidates the hard, in-depth questions and INSIST on in-depth answers from each candidate.....not the usual non-answers they give when they'd rather not tell you what they do and don't support.

Do you support private charters and charter chains?
Do you support 100% virtual schools?
Do you support vouchers?
Do you support Common Core"
Do you support the new, high-stakes testing in every grade, every year?
Do you support the state take-over of large urban school systems?

AND we all need to hold them to their answers. It was a costly mistake on the part of the American people to give Obama a pass on being accountable for his own words.

santamar more than 1 year ago

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