Right on Banks, Wrong on Schools: “No Child Left Behind Wasn’t Designed for the Types of Realities in my School”



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NCLB was scam designed to

NCLB was scam designed to exploit poor people's children by diverting money to the profits of charter school corporations. A commercial scam. The larvae of the rich never interact with those not of the persistent economic aristocracy. So while it never effected them ensconced and isolated with their push private schools, the children of poor people presented one more opportunity for corporate grab and squeeze of those with the least. The whole charter school movement has about as much integrity as for-profit prisons which similarly makes money off exploiting poor people - yeah, war on drugs. Of course the charter school commercialization of inferior education incidentally served break up one more union in the unrelenting thirty year attack on people who actually work for a living rather than living off other people while collecting trust fund payments.

RJD more than 1 year ago

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