Ohio Charter Schools Weren't Reporting Failing Grades



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Ohio has a double standard

Ohio has a double standard with schools which serve urban students. A public school in one of the large urban districts (Columbus, Akron, Cleveland, etc.) is constantly chided and hounded when it's students score poorly on statewide assessments. These precise same students then enroll in a charter school, do equally poorly, and the state refuses to be forthcoming about the rest results, and also showers the schools with state funds diverted from the urban district.

Mark Smith more than 1 year ago

"Reforming" the charter

"Reforming" the charter school system lol??! Hoo boy, no wonder these quasi-criminals rake in the dough from the working suckers. "Reform the charter school system"!!! Ahahahaha, that's a good one. These guys would steal your wallet and help you look for it. Wake up!

Kathleen Canavan more than 1 year ago

Few read newspapers anymore,

Few read newspapers anymore, especially the PD. If it isn't on TV, it doesn't exist, and if it is, it's only for a couple seconds.

mr.ed more than 1 year ago

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