New York BATs Outraged Over Cuomo Education Reforms



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I couldn't have expressed the

I couldn't have expressed the insanity of the governor's "reforms" better myself. I am a 16-year teacher in NYS and I am reeling from the level of betrayal of my profession by so many politicians in this state. I cannot believe the bill of goods being forced on the people as fact, the number of legislators who voted WITHOUT READING the bill or understanding its impact, and the smugness of the governor in throwing the details to be "worked out" at the State Ed Department. Woe unto those of us facing years in the classroom working to fulfill unfunded mandates, providing test preparation without data, all while fending off the big-money investors chomping at the bit to force charter schools into communities all over New York. What a nightmare.

Diane Boyle more than 2 years ago

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